Clarendon Scholarship in Oxford University 2023 for Int'l Students

The United Kingdom is accepting applications for the Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship 2023. The Clarendon Scholarships in the UK are open to all international students from any country.

All students from European countries are eligible for scholarships from the University of Oxford to pursue their Masters or PhD degrees. The expenditures are all covered by the Clarendon Scholarship, which is fully funded. The application for the award is free of charge.

At Oxford University, Clarendon Scholarships are available in almost all subject areas and majors. No limitations apply to nationality, residence, or field of study. All MPhil and Master’s programs, both full-time and part-time, are acceptable. You are free to select from more than 12,000 master’s courses.

Master’s degrees take one to two years to complete, while doctoral degrees take three to four years. 130 brand-new, fully-funded scholarships are given out each year. An opportunity to join one of Oxford’s most vibrant, internationally diverse, and multidisciplinary communities.

In Oxford, England, there is a coeducational research institution called the University of Oxford. Oxford consistently ranks in the top 5 universities in the world, and it is now ranked #1 globally in both the Times Higher Education and Forbes World University Rankings.

The University of Oxford is ranked first in the world by the QS World University Rankings by Subject.

About Clarendon Scholarship

Clarendon gives more than 200 new, fully funded scholarships to excellent graduate students every year. It also gives them the chance to be a part of one of Oxford’s most active, culturally diverse, and interdisciplinary communities.

Clarendon scholars are chosen based on their exceptional academic ability and promise. Scholarships at Clarendon are quite competitive.

In addition to full scholarships that cover course fees, Clarendon gives grants to help pay for living costs during the time when the student is responsible for paying fees.

Nationality, usual residence, and field of study are unrestricted. All PhD and Master’s programs, both full-time and part-time, are acceptable.

If you apply by the pertinent January deadline for your course, you will be automatically considered for Clarendon. There is no need for you to submit a different application.

Basics of the Clarendon Scholarship in Oxford University 2023

  • University of Study: Oxford University
  • level of Study: Master, PhD
  • Scholarship coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible nationality: International
  • Country of Study: United Kingdom
  • Application Deadline: 20 January 2023.

Benefits of the Clarendon Scholarship

The Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship 2023 in the United Kingdom is a full scholarship that will pay for all of the costs associated with pursuing a postgraduate degree at the University of Oxford. Below is further information:

1. A full tuition payment will be made.

2. Scholars will be given an annual grant for living expenses that, in most cases, is sufficient to pay for a single student’s living expenses at Oxford. You should anticipate receiving at least £15,009 in 2022–2023.

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Courses covered by the Scholarship

International students can apply for a Clarendon Scholarship in the UK, which is open to all academic programs. You can choose any course. Please review the full list of courses that interest you (click here).

Courses according to Departments include:

What Qualifies One for this Scholarship?

If you want to apply for an Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

The scholarships are open to candidates of any nationality from throughout the world.
The Selection Criteria and Eligibility Criteria differ slightly depending on the subject area chosen.

To have more info about the Requirements, Click here, select your course and check the details thereat.

Application Procedure for Clarendon Scholarship-University of Oxford

To be eligible for a Clarendon scholarship, submit an online application for your course. No separate application is required for the 2023 Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship.

Your graduate placement will ultimately be decided by the department, which will inform you of its decision. You will be automatically considered for the award once you have registered for the course.

1. To be eligible for a Clarendon scholarship, you must send in your application by the deadline, which depends on your course and is in December or January.

2. When evaluating your program, academics in your intended field of study will consider your application. They will evaluate your application’s suitability and academic standing.

3. The department will ultimately decide where you will graduate and will let you know the results.

4. The academics in your department will decide who to recommend to the division for a Clarendon scholarship based on the selection criteria.

5. The Department for Continuing Education and the University’s academic divisions have different procedures, but both gather in February or March to consider departmental scholarship nominations.

6. The top nominees from each department within the division are chosen for Clarendon after the academic divisions evaluate the nominations based on their academic merit and future prospects.

7. After the shortlist is established, the Clarendon Fund Administrator contacts the selected candidates and sends the scholarship offer letter (also known as a “CB1”) to them.

8. If you are offered and accept a Clarendon scholarship, your financial support is now guaranteed as long as you meet the requirements of your offer to study at Oxford.

9. Depending on the award conditions, Clarendon Partnership Awards are matched to scholars over the months of April, May, and occasionally into June. Holders of the Clarendon offer are not needed to provide any more details.

10. Each scholar will get the funding breakdown letter (also known as a “CB2”) explaining the financing arrangements after their specific funding package has been confirmed. Along with collaboration rewards, final college placements will also be made official.

11. The majority of Clarendon offers are sent out by the end of April each year, and all successful candidates will be informed via email.

12. Since there are so many qualified candidates, unsuccessful students won’t be contacted. Please presume that you have not been given a Clarendon scholarship if you have not heard from us by the middle of June.

13. If nominated students withdraw, a few late nominations might occur over the summer.

Application Deadline

The Clarendon International Scholarships in the UK 2021 application deadline is January 20, 2023.

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