Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Masters Scholarship 2023

These scholarships are offered by Hamburg University of Applied Sciences to qualified international students pursuing Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

The good news is that, with the exception of professional Master’s programs, Hamburg universities do not charge tuition to national or international students because the City of Hamburg finances degree programs there.

Basic Details About Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW)

Creating long-term solutions for the socioeconomic problems of now and tomorrow is the objective of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), the top applied sciences institution in northern Germany in terms of reflective practice.

The quality of their instruction and degree programs is their primary concern. At the same time, HAW Hamburg keeps expanding its status as a research institution. HAW Hamburg is made up of contributors from more than 100 different nations, and their diversity is one of their strongest suits.

Details of the Scholarship Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW)

  • Program Type: Postgraduate
  • Organization in Charge: Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW)
  • Country of Study: Germany
  • School of Study: Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
  • Course of Study: Not specified
  • State of Origin
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Application Deadline: March 30, 2023.

High-achieving foreign Bachelor’s students receive scholarships from HAW Hamburg starting in the third subject semester, while international Master’s students start receiving them in the second subject semester. The City of Hamburg contributes financial support for the scholarships.

Benefits of the Scholarship

1. Masters: 500 euros maximum per month for a maximum of five months.

2. A request for an additional semester is conceivable.

The scholarship is for one semester, but you can get an extra two semesters if you pass all your classes with an average grade of at least 2.5.

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Eligibility criteria for the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Scholarship

To be able to apply for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. You are a master’s student from abroad at the HAW Hamburg.

2. You have successfully finished your studies at a Studienkolleg or at a school abroad.

3. Either in Germany or abroad, you have completed your graduate program.

4. You lack the qualifications for a BAföG loan (Federal Training Assistance Act). Even if you do not actually get the funding, you are not eligible for the scholarship if you meet the requirements for a BAföG loan.

5.Students in the Design, Public Health, Public Management, Social, and Health Management programs, as well as those in the postgraduate master’s programs in Heide and Lüchow-Dannenberg, are not eligible to apply for scholarships.

First-semester application: You have finished your Bachelor’s degree with a “very good” or “good” grade, according to the German grading system, in the required number of semesters.

Documents Needed for the Scholarship Application

Two lecturers from your degree course must write letters of recommendation for you if this is your first time applying for an excellence scholarship.

Master’s students who previously obtained an excellence scholarship for their undergraduate studies must also submit two recent letters of recommendation. All other students who have already sent in two letters are exempt from doing so.

Each application must include the following paperwork:

1. CV (max. 2 pages).

2. A myHAW enrollment certificate.

3. A current transcript from myHAW that includes the average grade and credit points earned.

4. If a student’s average grade and credit points are not listed on their transcript, the International Office will ask the FSB for them after the application deadline.

This is true for all degree courses in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, except for Automotive Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

5. A copy of your passport or other government-issued photo identification (if you’re a non-EU citizen) or of your ID card (EU citizens).

6. Information form for bank account.

7. The financial situation form.

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Application Procedure

As soon as you have acquired all the required paperwork, upload it as soon as possible to the Mobility Online application page. Don’t forget to give yourself adequate time. Within four weeks following the application deadline, we will let you know the results.

Application Deadline

30th March, 2023.

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