Deadline: 26 Sept 2023 (Annual)

Type: Masters Degree

Marshall Scholarships provide funding for young Americans of exceptional talent to pursue graduate studies in the United Kingdom. Every year, up to 50 young Americans are chosen to pursue a graduate degree at a UK university in any field of study. The Marshall Scholarship Programme intends to:

Why Allow intellectually gifted young Americans, the future leaders of their country, to study in the United Kingdom.
Objectives Assist Scholars in gaining a knowledge and appreciation for contemporary Britain.
• Contribute to the progress of knowledge in science, technology, the humanities and social sciences, and the creative arts at Britain’s academic hotspots.
· Encourage Scholars to function as ambassadors from the United States to the United Kingdom and vice versa throughout their careers, thereby increasing British-American understanding.
• Encourage personal and academic achievement

Number of Scholarships: Up to 50 scholarships are awarded annually

Eligibility for The Marshall Scholarship for US citizens to study in the UK:

Only US nationals with a first degree from a recognised four-year college or university in the US and a minimum GPA of 3.7 are eligible. Candidates must have graduated from their undergraduate college or university after April 2021 in order to be eligible for rewards beginning in October 2024.

Individuals who are currently pursuing or hold a British degree or a degree-equivalent certificate are unable to apply for a Marshall Scholarship.

How to Apply for The Marshall Scholarship for US citizens to study in the UK

Applications are accepted in one of eight regions around the United States. Candidates may only apply in one region: the one in which they have their permanent home address or customary place of residence/employment, or the one in which they are studying. The application deadline varies every regional centre, although it normally falls between late September and early October of the year preceding tenure.

The deadlines for the 2024 Marshall Competition are as follows: 26 September 2023 for applicants and recommenders at 5:00pm in the time zone your university is located; 28 September 2023 for endorsement and submission by US Institution at 5:00pm in the time zone your university is located.

It is critical to read the how to apply page and visit the official website.

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