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Lookfe is dedicated to making sure that while you use ScholarshipAir.com, your privacy is safeguarded. If you plan to use our service, please read the information policy below.

Information We Gather

When you sign up for our scholarship alert service on our website, we currently simply collect your email address. Unless you specifically request it, we keep your information private and safe and do not release it to any parties.

How we make use of your Information

  • To keep track of how you use our website,
  • For a more customized experience
  • To contact you
  • to send you an update on scholarships.

We have no control over the privacy policies of any third parties whose websites are connected to ours, and we disclaim all responsibility for the content of those third parties’ websites or for how they utilize the information you gave us permission to share with them.

Other Technologies and Cookies

To follow your online travels and examine your activity on our website, we employ cookies. This is done in order to improve and personalize your interaction with us.

Cookies are used by third-party companies, like Google, to show you ads based on the websites you’ve been to before, like ours or others.

With the use of advertising cookies, Google and its partners can show you advertisements based on the websites you’ve visited, including ours and others on the Internet. By going to Google Ads Settings, you can choose not to receive tailored ads from Google.

This website uses Google Analytics to keep track of where visitors come from, what device they use to access the site, what public links they click on, and how long they stay on the site. This helps improve the site’s performance, content, and user experience.

Your Approval

You agree to our privacy statement if you use our website.

Rules and Regulations

Please see https://lookfe.com for further information.

Alterations to our Policy

We will publish any modifications to our policy on this page if we decide to do so. On November 30, 2022, this policy was last amended.


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